What can I expect from therapy?

In simple terms, therapy is a research based process that teaches you how your mind, emotions and behavior work in everyday life. It helps you navigate your feelings, build better behaviors, and relate to your thoughts differently so that you can relate to yourself, others and your circumstances in healthier, more effective ways. 

Is therapy confidential?

Yes! What you share with a therapist is legally required to be kept confidential with a few legal exceptions:

~ Immediate threat of harm to self or other,

~ Suspicion of child or dependent elder abuse

~ In the case of a court subpoena. We’ll discuss all of this and other office policies during your initial intake session.

* Statement about Covid-19::

I will be offering telehealth (video) sessions for those of you that wish to continue therapy sessions but remain at home. I understand telehealth is not the same as in person therapy,  keep in mind this will only be temporary and your mental health and emotional well-being is very important especially during this time of additional stress.

You will need to check with your insurance company PRIOR to session for Telehealth approval.

Make sure to have- access to high speed wifi, a confidential room or space and completed and signed intake forms at least 48 hours before your evaluation. 

What is the first session ( Intake & Evaluation )  like?

This first session is a 60 - 90  minute meeting and is a comprehensive interview with the client and anyone that will be involved in treatment.  While it is a long process it helps me to understand your concerns, symptoms, goals and life history that impacts current functioning. 

It also gives you a chance to know me and we then determine if we are a good fit to move forward with scheduled psychotherapy sessions.  You are under no obligation to complete the evaluation or return for future services if you do not feel confident about doing so. 

During the first session (Evaluation), some questions might be::

What brought you to therapy?

What do you feel needs focused on in your daily life?

What are your symptoms?

Some questions about your history, including your childhood, education, relationships (family, relationships, work, friends), your current living situation, and daily activities and commitments. 

We will come to an agreement about the considered length of your treatment, therapy methods, and focus of treatment in the long and short term. 

​You will have the opportunity to decline future treatment (at any time) but always remember you are under no obligation to continue treatment. 

What is your cancelation policy?

My cancelation policy is 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment cancellations are allowed and can be managed in the online client portal;  48 hours is preferred if possible. This is to allow time to fill spots with other individuals who may be waiting.

I do charge a $50 fee for any missed sessions not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. This fee is automatically charged the day of the missed session. 

How long are sessions and how long will this go on?

Typical / non - evaluative sessions are all either 55 minutes or 40 minutes

which includes a few minutes to review initial session update questions, check the upcoming schedule and to collect payments if necessary.

Therapy is an individual experience so each person’s therapy treatment is different. Some individuals find just a few sessions helpful while others attend more frequently and / or for longer.

We will determine the best options for you and your schedule and financial realities. 

The idea is for you to make progress and not need therapy as regularly as you once did. You are always welcome to come back in the future if circumstances arise that would make it a beneficial support. 

Are there any issues or types of clients that you don’t work with?

~ I do not work with people under the age of 18.

~ I do not write letters for Emotional Support Animals (ESA).

~ I do not conduct child custody evaluations nor do I provide custody recommendations.

~ I do not provide treatment for eating disorders, drug & alcohol or addiction issues. These are specialized focuses that I do not have specific training and licensure for. 

~ I do not have a prescriber that I work with specifically but will gladly coordinate care with your PCP or psychiatrist. 

Due to state licensing laws, I can only provide therapy and counseling to individuals residing in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 


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